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Mum's Special Diwali Snacks Recipes!

Updated: Oct 17, 2023

Diwali is coming!!! It is my most favorite holiday of the year! We start getting ready for Diwali a couple of weeks ahead of time. We make sweets, buy new clothes, clean the whole house from top to bottom and decorate the home. So many things to do. So little time! Currently, our kitchen is full of fragrant smells of tasty Diwali sweets being made. So yummy! For Diwali we also make a big feast of special vegetarian dishes including savory snacks and sweets. After we finish our prayers, we break our fast by feasting on these special dishes! Afterwards we light diyas, candles and string lights. Back in Fiji, we also played with fireworks & sparklers and shared our feast with neighbors, friends and family. After eating, we would drive around to check out everyone's Diwali decorations and lights. Here in the US, Diwali is a bit quieter but just as special. I just absolutely adore Diwali! Happy Heart! If you haven't planned a Diwali snack menu yet (or before), then this is the post to read. Check out the collection of Diwali snacks recipes!

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Bhajiyas or spinach and potato fritters are a very popular everyday snack and also a special Diwali snack! Made with chickpea or pea flour and loads of potatoes and veggies. So easy and yum!

Classic baaras are small patties or fritters made with ground up lentils and aromatics. These are very tasty and I always make a beeline for them when I am done with Diwali fasting!

Classic sainas are almost like pinwheels made with leafy greens and ground lentil paste in between the layers. Then these pinwheels are steamed and then fried. So Tasty! Click here to watch the YouTube cooking tutorial!

Onion pakoras are one of my favorites and so easy to make. While not a traditional family Diwali recipe, I love it! It is similar to the bhajiya recipe above except that onions are used only and mixed in with chickpea or pea flour and aromatics. Then these are fried and then munch away!

Classic nimkis are so munchable! These are like small crackers flavored with turmeric and other delicious spices. I can easily eat these by the handfuls!

Samosas are quintessential snacks for Diwali and just about for any time in our home. They can take a while to put together especially if you are making a big batch of them. This recipe is an easier and quicker version that allows for big batch freezing as well!

Sweet potato pakoras are also not a traditional Diwali family recipe but sweet potatoes are plentiful around this time here in the US and so this recipe is a great addition to the collection. Sweet potato pakoras are crispy on the outside and tender inside!

I hope this collection of Diwali snacks & treats satisfies all your Diwali cravings! And lastly, Happy Diwali! May your Diwali be happy, prosperous and bright!

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Watch this YouTube video tutorial on how to make saina!

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