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Mum's Best Game Day Recipes

Updated: Oct 1, 2023

Find the best game day recipes that are crowd-pleasing and that will soon become family favorites! Hungry football fans (and rugby fans) will definitely appreciate the best football party foods to ever exist. These savory and sweet bites will make you the best game day host ever! Click through the photos and keep scrolling for these delicious and sometimes nutritious recipes.

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Dear reader, I was inspired to create this collection of game day recipes by the ongoing 2023 Rugby World Cup. Honestly, I was not tracking the 2023 Rugby World Cup at all which is a bit sad considering that we hail from a rugby-crazed country. I am pretty sure rugby is Fiji's national sport although don't quote me on that. In any case, if you are following the 2023 rugby world cup and are a Fiji Rugby Team supporter, they play the Wallabies tomorrow morning at 8:45 am PST (Click here to find a list of Fiji games). The Fiji rugby team is definitely everyone's favorite underdog in this Cup and could certainly use your support! If you like to host rugby world cup watch parties and/or American football game watch parties or any kind of watch party really then this is the post to read. You will find delicious fried snacks, appetizers and even main dishes mainly because we as Indo-Fijians are unable to invite guests over for just finger foods...Vegan and gluten-free tasty options as well!

Roasted pumpkin squash seeds are crunchy, salty, earthy and make for easy snacking.

Click link for YT video tutorial.

Simple and humble boiled peanuts. Enjoy salty, juicy, nutty and soft boiled peanuts when you try this recipe!

Nimkis are diamond shaped pieces of savory dough that are deep fried. They are salty, savory, crunchy and slightly spicy. You can munch on these by the handfuls!

I love onion rings! I mean who doesn't? They are the best for game day too! In this recipe the basic Onion rings have been upgraded to Fiji-style onion rings with the addition of delicious spices like garam masala and aromatics. Super easy to make as well as there are no dredging steps. Super delish!

Cassava root is a staple food in Fiji. Typically, we boil it and eat it with some type of cilantro-garlic-based chutney. For this recipe, boiled cassava gets transformed into cassava fries with a coating of Indian spices like garam masala and turmeric powder. So tasty!

Dalo root or Taro root is also another staple food in Fiji. We get this from the Asian supermarkets here in California. Just like cassava, you can boil dalo/taro root and eat it with some chutneys. However, we also like to make a delicious batter with spices and aromatics and make battered taro chips out of them! They are crispy on the outside and melt-in-your-mouth inside. The recipe can be found by clicking on the YouTube video!

Sweet Potato Chips | Vegan | Gluten-free

'Tis the season for sweet potatoes! The sweet potato chips are crispy, spicy, garlicky with just the right level of sweetness. They were all gone pretty quickly! Even the non-vegetarians loved them!

Bhajiyas or spinach & potato fritters are crispy on the outside and full of delicious potatoes and vegetables on the inside! Best way to eat your veggies! Very easy to make and serve and a very typical snack to serve to guests with some tea!

Easy Potato Samosas are crispy and filled with a spicy and savory, melt-in-your-mouth potato curry. So delish! Best part is that they can be prepared ahead and then fried on the day it is needed! Serve with chutneys like tamarind, mint or cilantro or this Coconut Chutney!

Classic Baaras are ground lentil patties. Crispy on the outside and tender and fluffy inside. Full of ground peas and spices! Quick & easy recipe!

Sainas are a traditional Indo-Fijian snack/ appetizer. They are like pinwheels made with dalo/ taro leaves and a spiced dhal/ lentil paste. The rolls are steamed and then slices are fried. This is another one of those make-ahead snacks and definitely a labor of love. But once you have a big batch, then they can be frozen down and enjoyed when desired!

When I tried onion pakoras for the first time, I fell in love almost immediately. It hits all the right notes. Crispy, spicy, garlicky and just a bit sweet from the onions. Paired with a good sauce like tamarind chutney makes it even more amazing! And so easy to make!

Sweet Potato slices are coated in a crispy savory batter and fried to perfection. They are crispy on the outside, soft inside, sweet and spicy at the same time. Nothing wrong with that! Everyone at home really liked these pakoras and they were gone in minutes!

Summer squash fritters made with pea flour and Indian spices!

Spicy and crispy on the outside, moist and flaky on the inside. Very easy recipe to put together. Delectable!

Mum's Easy Asian-style Chicken! This Asian-inspired dish is a saucy, garlicky, moist and flavorful chicken dish! Comes together in 30 mins!

In our culture, it is common to serve small plates of meat as "chasers" while drinking. It is something we still do in the US. Click here for some of those recipes.

Classic Shrimp Curry with succulent pieces of shrimp are cooked in a spicy tomato gravy. What's not to like! This is also a great dish to have with some drinks!

Gulgulas are similar to donut holes except have Indian spices added to them. This variation has bananas in them! Crispy on the outside and soft and fluffy inside. Try them!

Pumpkin Spice Gulgullas are so tasty and perfect for fall. Crunchy on the outside, tender and full of pumpkin spices on the inside!

Chai-spiced carrot-cake muffins are moist, tender, warming, sweet and spicy at the same time. What's not to like?!


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