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Turkey-Cranberry Samosas!

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Today is a another leftover recipe day. If you are like us, the turkey leftovers seems to be endless. I decided to give the classic turkey-cranberry combo an Indo-Fijian twist and made samosas with them! They turned out amazing and everyone said they loved them.

The recipe is very simple. I decided to use eggrolls wrappers to make this a super easy recipe. If you have not used eggroll wrappers before, I have included step-by-step pictures below on how mum and I decided to fold the wrappers. But you can use the method you prefer. To seal the edges, you just need to brush with water. Easy peasy.

Because, the turkey-cranberry samosa wrapping turned out great, I decided to turn the sweet potato casserole leftovers into samosas too! You can also turn sweet potato casserole into gulgullas! Just click on the link to get to the recipe. Anyways, after the samosas were wrapped, we quickly fried them till golden brown and of course ate them as soon as they were cool enough to eat!

Looking for the traditional potato samosa recipe? Just click on this link:

Mum's Easy Potato Samosas


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Serves 4

Prep time: 10 minutes

Cook time: 30 minutes